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Each year, our group performs over 800 vasectomies and are the local experts. The vast majority of vasectomies are performed in the office with minimal discomfort and a quick return to regular activity. Many of our surgeons perform the most current "Scalpel-less technique".

The Vasectomy procedure has improved over the last ten years. The procedure has become less invasive, which results in quick, easy and faster recovery times.

  • Smallest Needle (30g)
  • Scalpel-less (no knives)
  • Bloodless (no bleeding)
  • Smokeless (no burning/minimal cauterizing)
  • Suture-less (no sutures in the skin)
  • Timeless (completed in under twenty minutes)

Vasectomy is a long-term, low-cost choice for contraception and should be considered permanent. It removes risk and uncertainty of unintended pregnancy, just as tubal ligation does for women, but without the additional cost, discomfort and possible hospitalization.

Any surgical procedure carries some risk, but vasectomy is considered to be low-risk, and complications are uncommon.

If you are interested in a vasectomy, simply make an appointment at an office near you. On your initial visit, we'll gather some basic medical information and perform a brief exam. Please have your spouse/partner accompany you for this consultation to get all of her questions answered too. On your second visit, you would have the vasectomy performed. After the vasectomy, people usually take the rest of the day off work. Placing cold pack on the remainder of the day helps greatly with a quick recovery.