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Clinical Research and Medical Education


The importance of clinical research has long been championed by the partners of Urology Associates, Ltd. The triad of patient care, medical education and clinical research is the hallmarks of many academic centers throughout the country. Urology Associates Ltd embraces all three of these important aspects of clinical practice.


Our partners have led numerous areas of Urologic research; from pioneering continent urinary diversions in the 1980’s, to performing the first high energy thermal therapies for enlarged prostates in the 1990’s. More recently, our physicians have created four successful and safe robotic and cryosurgery programs for the treatment of prostate cancer. Urology Associates Ltd remains committed to the highest standards of clinical research, medical education and patient care.


Through collaborative efforts with both the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic, Urology Associates Ltd has participated in a number of important clinical trials involving such varied topics as erectile dysfunction, kidney stones, as well as benign and malignant diseases of the prostate. 


Urology Associates Ltd has academic affiliations in the departments of Urology and Family Practice at the University of Minnesota along with active training of physicians in two separate primary care programs. Each year, over three dozen local, regional and national presentations are given by our physicians.  


Our philosophy is that clinical research and medical education, often reserved for Universities and large medical centers, greatly enhances our own clinical patient care.