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Pelvic Pain

There are many causes for pelvic pain; including problems with the abdominal contents, including the bowel, back pain caused by nerve irritation, and problems with the bladder.


Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial cystitis is a rare disease, usually found only in women, and on rare occasions men will have interstitial cystitis. The symptomology of this is very much like a bladder infection, but no infection is found when the urine is examined. The symptoms usually are of frequency of urination associated with pain over the bladder. On rare circumstances, blood in the urine is found. People with these symptoms should be evaluated by a urologist for interstitial cystitis.


Interstitial Cystitis Association



Prostatitis usually is a low-grade inflammation and/or infection of the prostate gland. This is very common in many men. The symptoms are variable. Patients can be acutely ill with acute prostatitis where they have a fever up to 101˚ or 103˚ with urgency, frequency and burning on urination. Occasionally, this infection can progress downward into the testicles and scrotum.


On the other hand, there may be no symptoms of prostatitis, only an elevated PSA (that is, prostatic specific antigen test), and the patient is surprised to find that they have prostatitis.


However, most men are bothered with the symptoms including frequency of urination, some urgency, and frequently waking at night to void. Occasionally, they will have perineal pain; that is, pain between the rectum and the scrotum, or low sacral pain; that is, pain over the low back, below the belt line.



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Fortunately, these diseases all can be treated with good urological medical management.


Though there are many urological causes of pelvic pain, including infection of the prostate, prostatitis, and interstitial cystitis, all these causes can be treated at Urology Associates.