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Nutritional Supplements

While there are many supplements that have proven efficacy on men's health; the quality of these can vary. We support the use of Theralogix supplements due to their verified high quality. Theralogix was created by physicians to formulate safe, effective, evidence-based nutritional supplements which are intended for use under the supervision of a treating health care provider.
Theralogix supplements are created based on credible scientific evidence, formulated with the advice of a medical advisory board that includes leading academic physicians and scientists from prominent medical school faculties.
Theralogix formulas and ingredients are constantly being reevaluated in light of the latest research trials.
Theralogix supplements have received NSF® nutritional supplement certification. NSF International is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, third party organization that is the world's leader in standards development and product certification in the health and life safety industries. Each bottle of a Theralogix supplement is manufactured under monitored conditions; its contents and ingredients are independently verified.
Theralogix supplements are not mass-marketed, and are intended to be used under the supervision of a treating health care provider, as one component of a comprehensive health maintenance program.
Visit the Therologix website for more information.
When ordering, use the Provider Referral Code (PRC): 40762