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Cryosurgery (Cryotherapy)

When treating cancers of the prostate or kidney, the goal is to destroy the cancer cells and also to preserve normal healthy cells. Cryotherapy, or Cryoablation, is a technique used to kill cells in the same manner as frostbite causes damage. Small needles are passed into a tumor and argon and helium gasses are then forced through the needles, causing freezing and thawing. This process is highly effective in destroying cancer cells. It has been a proven technology for over 20 years and the current generation of equipment ensures minimal side effects.

Urology Associates Ltd has been a pioneer in the field of cryosurgery and has performed over 600 procedures for prostate cancer. The benefits of cryosurgery include a much faster recovery than traditional surgery where tumors are removed by excision. Also, it is often performed as an outpatient procedure, resulting in lower hospital costs.

Recent publications showing 10-year data demonstrates safety and durable efficacy of cryotherapy for treating prostate cancer. Morbidity following the procedure is mild in comparison with other treatments, with the exception of sexual function impairment.

Cryosurgery is an excellent, non-invasive, non surgical treatment for localized prostate cancer. The third generation, Galil system, has proven to be a very safe and effective treatment with low complication rates. Cryotherapy is done in a hospital or surgical center as an outpatient procedure. The procedure takes about 1 1/2 hours. It consists of the accurate placement of 8-10 cryo needles into the prostate under ultrasound guidance. There are (2) freeze cycles and (2) thaw cycles. A foley catheter is routinely left in place for 2-5 days. The cryo procedure has evolved into a salvage procedure for many radiation therapy failures. We are also now doing both nerve sparing and focal therapies, in an effort to preserve erectile function. Cryotherapy has proven to be safe and predictably preserves urinary continence, erectile function and cancer control. We also offer cryotherapy of small renal lesions. We have the most experienced cryotherapy surgeon in the Midwest. We have also been involved in research, teaching and published numerous papers since 2001.  By diagnosing over 600 prostate cancers annually, our physicians are well experienced at guiding you through the process.


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