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The physicians of Urology Associates give back to their local and global communities.

Locally, physicians have been involved in  many projects which promote awareness and understanding of urologic issues.  
The group has been a leader in Men's health events, founding and directing Men's Health through North Memorial Medical Center for the past 15 years.  This was the first program of it's type in the Twin Cities and is attended by more than 200 men and women annually.  Due to the success of that program, Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia launched a similar program 2 years ago.  We were again asked to serve as director for this program.

The physicians have been involved in many prostate cancer awareness events throughout the Twin Cities.  We have provided primary or secondary sponsorship for many events. Also the physicians have donated their time for many years to free prostate cancer screening events.  These events include a PSA blood test and prostate exam done by our doctors, free of charge.  We were also involved in an American Cancer Society initiative in the North Side of Minneapolis to promote prostate cancer awareness and screening in  African American men.  This program touched many lives that would otherwise have been missed.

Urology Associates also has hosted  educational events for local physicians.  Through its "Pearls of Plumbing" series, we instruct primary physicians on the latest advances in urology.  These events provide continuing medical education for health care providers and keep them up to date with the latest treatment options available to their patients.

Service is not limited to our local community.  Two of our physicians have been involved in overseas mission trips to provide urologic care to the needy in Haiti and Guatemala.  Dr Twidwell has been providing care at Hospital Bon Samaritan  in Haiti for over 15 years (see  He is able to do laser prostate surgery which can allow men to urinate after many years of urinary retention.  Dr Sovell has been traveling to Guatemala and is also providing medical care to the needy.  We feel it is our duty and privilege to give back to those less fortunate, the poorest of the poor.