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Cancer Care - Prostate, Kidney & Bladder

Nearly one out of every four adult cancers arise from the genitourinary system and all are managed by urologists. When it comes to prostate, kidney, bladder and testicular cancers, the urologist is the primary physician diagnosing, counseling and treating the condition. These cancers all share one characteristic: the need for sophisticated surgery to attain a cure. At Urology Associates, our surgeons lead the field with the latest proven techniques and excellent patient outcomes. And when the need for additional treatment arises, we have close relationships with physicians that manage chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
Minimally invasive surgical techniques have made patient recovery much faster. At Urology Associates, we take full advantage of these new techniques. In particular, our group has the most experience in the region with cryotherapy of the prostate. This procedure entails freezing prostate cancer cells while leaving healthy cells undamaged. We have also applied the cryotherapy to small kidney masses. In addition to cryotherapy, we offer brachytherapy, or radiation "seeds" to treat prostate tumors.
Laparoscopy entails making small, keyhole incisions using long instruments and scopes to perform surgery. When operating on the kidney, laparoscopic techniques cause much less pain for the patient and allow for a much faster recovery. The majority of our kidney surgeries are done laparoscopicaly with excellent results.
Robotic surgery uses the da Vinci robotic system to perform complicated procedures in a laparoscopic environment. This is especially useful during prostatectomy and is fast becoming the leading way to treat prostate cancer.
Once you have a diagnosis of cancer, it is important to gather as much information as possible. Treating a cancer can be the biggest decision of your life. At Urology Associates, we have been gathering information and gaining the trust of our patients for over 60 years.